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Traditional Indian Sweet

Soanpapdi, also known as Soan Papdi or Sohan Papdi, is a popular traditional Indian sweet. It is a flaky and melt-in-your-mouth confectionery that is loved by people of all ages. Soanpapdi is commonly enjoyed during festivals, such as Diwali, Holi, and Raksha Bandhan, as well as on special occasions and celebrations.

The sweet is made primarily from flour (usually a combination of gram flour and all-purpose flour), ghee (clarified butter), sugar, and cardamom for flavoring. Other ingredients such as almonds, pistachios, and saffron may also be added for additional taste and garnishing. The preparation of Soanpapdi involves a few distinct steps that require skill and precision.

Soan Papdi

About Pravind Foods

Pravind Foods is a dynamic company specializing in the production of sweets, namkeens, bakery items, and beverages. We take pride in our diverse product range, which includes traditional Indian sweets, flavorful namkeens, delectable bakery items, and refreshing beverages.



Pravind Foods Pvt Ltd welcomes and encourages partnerships with dealers. Pravind Foods recognizes the importance of a strong dealer network to expand its market reach and ensure efficient distribution of its products.


Working as a distributor with Pravind Foods can provide a strong product portfolio & established brand reputation to marketing support, competitive pricing, & growth opportunities, partnering with Join Us to  achieve success in the food distribution industry.


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